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Learn AutoCAD online from professionals working in the industry for years. At CoderMask, we provide affordable auto CAD learning programs that help you master in designing and prototyping. You learn to leverage AutoCAD platforms thoroughly to get opportunities in the field of computer-aided design. Our team of experienced and certified trainers ensures to provide rigorous training through practical to sharpen your skills. Besides, guided virtual lectures help you learn AutoCAD online.

  • The well-crafted course as per the international standards.
  • Industry experience and Autodesk certified trainers.
  • Industry-standard project learning.
  • Live virtual classes.
  • Doubt clearance.
  • Focus on interview level examples.
No prior knowledge about any other skills. This course is designed to start as a complete beginner and end as an expert, with plenty of hands-on exercises along the way.

Course Content

This training course contents follow the latest industry standard. You will learn CAD from beginner to professional level.

Getting familiar with AutoCAD

  •  AutoCAD introduction
  • Interface, Navigation tools
  • Mouse control
  • Co-ordinate system
  • Limits and Units
  • Drawing template

Drawing creating and modification tools

  •  Lines, Circle, Arcs, Ellipses, Rectangle, Polygons, Polyline and Spline, Point,
  • Construction line and Ray, Revision clouds
  • Move, Copy, Rotate, Offset, Mirror, Trim and Extend, Erase, Explode, Overkill, Stretch,
  • Break, Join, Fillet, Chamber, Lengthen
  • Status bar option
  • Grid and Snap, Polar and Ortho Mode, Dynamic input, Object Snap, Object Snap
  • Tracking, More Status-bar options

Advance drawing tools

  • Rectangular Array, Polar Array, Path Array, Divide, and Measure, Vertices Functions,
  • Align command, Utility option, Isometric Drawing, Centerline, and Center mark,
  • Region and Boolean Operations
  •  Isometric Drawing, Centreline and Centre mark, Region and Boolean Operations

Drawing Properties

  •  Assigning Different Properties (Object color, Line type, Line weight, Transparency)
  • PR and CHPROP command, Viewports, Named Views

Hatch and Gradient

  • Basic Hatch, Set-origin and Associative hatch, Advance hatch, Boundary
  • Wipeout, create a gradient

Use of Layers

  • Creating and assigning layers, layer property manager, Layer state, Layer Walk
  • Layer Filter, Layer-merge, Layer-delete, Quick access layer tool, Hiding and isolating
  • objects

Dimension and Annotation

  • Basic dimensions, Continue, Baseline and Ordinate, Smart dimension, Dimension
  • Style, Dimension-override, adding Tolerances and Dual dimensioning, feature

Control Frames

  • Create Multileader
  • Multileader style

Text and Table

  • Single-line text, Text style, Multiline Text, Table Creation and Formatting, table style
  • Field and formulas in a table, Exporting and importing table to and from Excel

Blocks and Group

  • Creating Blocks, insert command, Block editor, Redefining Blocks,  Write Blocks
  • Global Blocks, Creating Groups and its use, Group manager, etc.


  • Define Attributes, Block with an attribute, Edit Attribute, Attribute Manager
  • Attribute Data extraction

External References (X-Ref)

  • Attaching External references, Editing, and clipping, External references Palette
  • Attaching PDF and Image, etc.

Parametric Features

  •  Parametric drawing, Infer constraints, auto constraint
  • Geometric and dimensional constraints

Dynamic Blocks

  • Converting simple Block to a Dynamic block, Different types of dynamic block
  • Dynamic block with constraints, Visibility Parameter, Block Table, etc.

Layout and Printing

  • Paper Space and Layout, Page setup, Layout viewport, Scale in the viewport,
  • Inserting title block, plotting from layout, Plotting from model space, etc.

Advanced Tools and Commands

  • Saving a drawing templet, creating a new workspace, AutoCAD Design Center
  • Tool palette, Quick select tool, etc.

Drafting Project

3D workspace

  • Switch workspace to 3D Basic or 3D modeling, 3D navigation, Viewport control, View controls, View Cube, etc.
  • 3D Gizmo, 3D object snap

Solid Modeling

  • Creating Primitive Solids, Non-Primitive solids, Extrusion, Revolve, Sweep, Loft, PressPull, etc.
  • Solid Editing
  • Union, Subtract, Intersect, Fillet-edge, Chamfer-edge, Taper face, extrude face,
  • Shell, Slice, thicken, interfere, extract edge, imprint, offset edge, Section plane, etc.

Other Modeling Tools

  • Surface Modelling, Surface editing, Mesh Modelling, Smooth-option Filtered Selection


  • Material Browser, Assigning Material, Visual style controls, Creating Light and Sun
  • Camera


  • Perspective and parallel view, image size and quality, etc.

3D Modeling Project

  • Project Submission
  • Certification
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Training Details:-

 Training Stream  Computer-aided Design
 Training Mode  Online -  Live Virtual Classes
 Duration  45 hrs (2D) + 15 hrs (3D), Almost 20 Classes 3hrs each
 Days  Weekend (Sat & Sun), Weekdays (Tue & Wed)
 Roles  Drafting, 3D Modeling
 Course Fee  5000 INR + GST (Installment Available)* T&C
 Certification  Yes


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